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About Gadre Marine

The history of Gadre Marine traces back to the 1970s, when the company supplied diesel to fishing docks. This connection exposed Deepak Gadre, founder of Gadre Marine, to the fishing business. And the rest, as they say, is history.

In 1978, he set up the first factory in Ratnagiri, and processed and packaged frozen marine products such as shrimps, squids, cuttlefish and other finfish. On his visit to Japan, he came across the Surimi manufacturing process, and consequently, set up India’s first Surimi plant in 1994.

As the company grew, they invested in state-of-the-art machines to automate the manufacturing process and consistently deliver high quality frozen seafood products. By 1999, they garnered a reputation of being a trusted manufacturer and exporter of frozen seafood. From South Korea, Japan and Malaysia, to Taiwan and Australia, Gadre Marine soon became a notable player in the industry. In 2004, under the leadership of their Managing Director, Arjun Gadre, they set up a Surimi Value Added products plant and manufactured a wide range of products including marinated ready-to-cook fish and cut n clean raw fish.

Some of their products are:

  • Crab Sticks – India’s first and only brand to produce and retail the Japanese Surimi specialty
  • Masala Prawns – Authentic Konkani Masalas combine with Prawns to create an exceptional flavour in this marinated ready-to-cook favourite
  • Masala Mackerel – Delicately flavoured fish with authentic Konkani masalas bring out a richness in every bite

Today, Gadre Marine is the 3rd largest Surimi manufacturer in the world. They have three plants, one in Ratnagiri, Maharashtra, and one each in Chorwad, Gujarat, and Brahmavar, Karnataka. Through their pursuit of excellence, the company has made a mark on the global map with quality products at a competitive price. They now aim to focus on the Indian market, and believe their frozen seafood is in line with the taste of modern Indians, who like to experiment and look for simpler and healthier food options.

Gadre’s vision is to become a global leading brand in the Surimi analogue products business, through world-class infrastructure, industry best practices, global quality standards and stringent safety policies. To achieve this feat, Gadre continuously explores new technology, focuses on product innovation and is self-reliant through vertical integration. Gadre also aims to consistently provide the best quality products and services to its customers while operating the business with core values such as:

  • Quality and integrity
  • Excellence and innovation
  • Trust and honesty
  • Care and giving back to the community

Arjun Gadre, Managing Director


A visionary entrepreneur, set out on a quest to deliver the best of Indian seafood nationally and internationally, Mr. Arjun Gadre, joined the family business in 1999.

He pursued his passion for seafood by conceiving and commissioning India’s largest Surimi Value added plant in 2004. In 2013, he successfully took over and integrated the marine division of Hindustan Unilever with GMEPL, making the company the only Surimi Value Added products manufacturing company in India, and one of the largest Surimi producers in the world. He seeded various interesting lines of frozen food products, the notable among them being – Crab Sticks, the very first of its kind in India.

Mr. Arjun Gadre completed his graduation in Management and Engineering from the University of Nottingham, UK, and holds a diploma in Mechanical Engineering. Based out of Ratnagiri, Maharashtra and Goa, Mr. Gadre is a sports enthusiast, and practices tennis and golf regularly. He is also a passionate traveller, an under training pilot and enjoys flying in his leisure time.

Achievements, Awards and Certifications

  • The Mirjole-MIDC factory at Ratnagiri is BRC (British Retail Consortium) certified and has received the highest grade it has to offer
  • All factories are HACCP certified and also have a HALAL certification
  • It is certified by Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)
  • It ranked first and received the Best Export Performance Award for the years 2009-10, 2010-11, 2011-12 and 2012-13, from the Marine Products Export Development Authority (MPEDA)
  • It ranked second for the export of Surimi value added products, for the financial years 2009-10 and 2010-11, and ranked first for the years 2011-12 and 2012-13


Gadre Marine has factories at 4 locations spread across Maharashtra, Karnataka and Gujarat. The primary factory is located 360 km south of Mumbai, at Mirjole-MIDC, Ratnagiri, Maharashtra, on the west coast of India.

Facilities at Ratnagiri Mirjole-MIDC factory include:

  • Surimi plant
  • Crab stick and value added products plant
  • Fish oil processing plant
  • Cosmetics plant
  • Effluent processing plant
  • Cold storage facilities
  • Research and development laboratories
  • Quality control and chemical analysis labs
  • Packaged frozen fish plant
  • Production capacity – 60 MT/Day
  • Flake ice capacity – 35 MT/Day
  • Freezers – 2 Trolley freezers with a capacity of 30 MT/Day each
  • Cold storage – 60 MT/Day

Safety Measures

Gadre Marine follows stringent measures to ensure the raw materials used are not exposed to anything that can cause it any harm. There is absolutely no room for error. The practice of ensuring the highest level of safety measures run through every stage of the manufacturing process.

At every plant, the employees go through a rigorous hygiene check and have to wear equipment that stops any form of contamination. The state-of-the-art machinery at the plants automates the majority of the process, so that direct contact with the fish is kept at a minimum.

Right from the time the fish is procured, till it reaches the market, it is stored at the right temperature to eliminate the possibility of any contamination. An expert HACCP team samples the food at different stages to ensure it conforms to industry accepted specifications. The long list of accreditations from notable bodies stand testament to the high quality of their products, and a sense of assurance for customers. One thing is certain – Nothing leaves the plant, until the product meets the level of quality Gadre Marine expects from themselves.